soybean roaster

Our soybean roasting machine allows on one side to eliminate and deactivate the urease and anti-trypsin values ​​of contained in the beans, on the other to increase the by-pass protein for the animals. The soya becomes more digestible, rich and nutritious. Our roasting machines are designed to fit both in animal (cattle, pigs …) and human feeding cycles.

operating principle

T20 T50
Hourly production [ton/h] 1,5 - 2,5 4,0 - 6,0
Drive electrical
Weight [kg] 2500 3200
Product load motor [kW] 1,10
Fan motor [kW] 7,50 15,00
Burner fan motor [kW] 2,20 1,10
Conveyor belt motor [kW] 0,25
Nominal burner output [kW] Max 593 Max 1186
Fuel type Gas – diesel – LPG
Type of heating Direct flame
Heat exchanger Upon request
Theoretical diesel consumption 19 ldiesel/tonsoya
Theoretical gas consumption 19 m3gas/tonsoya
Theoretical LPG consumption 28 lGPL/tonsoya
Motor speed modulation Via touch-screen display
Fire-fighting system Included
Heat recovery system Included
Transportable version (on wheels) Upon request
Independent loading hopper (variable capacity) Upon request
Product conveyors (upon loading/discharge) Upon request
Cooling system Upon request
Air cleaning cyclone Upon request
Dimensions T20/T50
A Machine length 6,6/7,2 m B Machine height 3,4/3,8 m
C width 2,0/2,5 m      



The indicated productions are calculated according to a mathematical model by assuming the product is clean, ripe and under normal operating conditions. For further details, contact your nearest Mecmar dealer. Based on our continuous improvement policy, we reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

The photos presented are only meant for informative purposes and if there are no photos of the described model on the page, photos of similar machines of the same series were used. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on the machines shown.

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